Topic 5: Reflection

Having initially found Topic 5 challenging I was not only glad I could learn more about the topic from my peers, but also overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received for my contribution.

For me, the biggest learning curve of Topic 5 came from a plethora of discussion with Callum.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.29.58.png

Callum’s subsequent comment on my blog allowed for a more in depth discussion in which I could learn of Callum’s troubles with I had not come across the same issue; hitting a pay wall, so I decided to give it another go and was horrified to have, like Callum, hit a pay wall.

I have also used Callum’s idea of a screen recording to illustrate this and have uploaded it to my newly created YouTube channel.

Furthermore, my comment on Callum’s post led to a discussion about violation of copyright in repositories. I initially questioned Callum’s argument of this having found a contradicting article online, however Callum quickly responded with an explanation of his reasons to which I developed, bringing the work of Grant, Webb and Bustillo (2015) to his attention. I subsequently proposed the question that is it due to a lack of funding in universities for example, the reason why robust policies cannot be created to avoid this occurrence of violation?

This brings me onto my next point; Rebecca, Callum and Ollie all posed the question as to why more people aren’t using OA. An interesting question, as like I pointed out, it appears that there is more than enough information for an informed decision to be made, however maybe it is due to the concerns raised by Callum regarding copyright violation that more people aren’t using OA?

Since this I have decide to create a Creative Commons License for my work as I would like people to re-use my work and develop on it, however I am not overly enthused by the idea that someone could reproduce it passing it off as their own.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.01.55

Finally, my comment on Cherie’s post taught me about Intellectual Property (IP) which is something I hadn’t come across in my research. I did however question her disadvantage that it may not reach as wide a, bringing the work of the n audience World Intellectual Property Organisations New Open Access Policy.

“WIPO has adopted an Open Access Policy in support of its commitment to the sharing and dissemination of knowledge, and to make its publications easily available to the widest possible audience”.

Overall, Topic 5 has provided a wide range of critical discussion; both with the points outlined in the post and from my discussion with Will. I have learnt so much more than I ever could have on my own, and the point I made in my comment on Callum’s post regarding his PowToon encapsulates this perfectly.


Grant, R., Webb, S. and Bustillo, M. (2015) ‘A consideration of copyright for a national repository of humanities and social science data’, Library Information Research, 39(121), pp. 22-44. Available at: (Accessed: 12 May 2017).



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