Topic 2: Reflection

Similarly, to Topic 1, my time on Topic 2 taught me a lot more than I had originally learnt myself and I was taken back by the many different avenues people had taken in their interpretation.

A particularly interesting contribution was made by Will who brought the notion of ‘identity play’ to my attention through his comment on my blog post. Will believes platforms such as Facebook limit the extent to which users are able to divulge in ‘identity play’ a point I believe Poole neatly encapsulates within his work. Christopher Poole founder of 4Chan designed the site as a simple anonymous image board (Russon, 2014) in which people could anonymously dabble in the creation of ‘memes’ and share other ‘harmless’ pictures an idea outlined in Howard (2017) work on ‘identity play’ proposed by Will and states it can be “a one-night holiday from your 9-5 personality”. Supporting my previously outlined idea of the importance of multiple online identities.

Furthermore, Bradley made a remarkable comparison to the Visitors and Residents Continuum in Topic 1 and my subsequent comment on his blog post allowed me to draw his attention to Oliver’s blog post who also discussed the notion in terms of a ‘scale’ something I myself had never thought of thus enabling me to learn something new while also being able to reflect on my position along the continuum.

I also commented on Emily’s post who drew my attention to the issue of a lack of global law stopping third parties accessing your information which made me question whether the issues are the inability to create global law or an issue with computing itself? Upon discussion with Emily it was clear her position remained with global law whereas I saw the issue as a mixture of both. However, I have since come across this article in which my opinion along with those of Emily’s has completely changed my stance.


Additionally, Caiti’s and Madeleine’s blog posts introduced me to the work of Goffman while Rachel’s comment on my blog post allowed to me understand that my use of my two Twitter accounts was not the best representation of my personal and professional online identity.

Overall, Topic 2 has opened my eyes to a number of other reasons of the importance of having multiple identities. I am aware of the benefits some of my colleagues have expressed for having a single identity however my stance remains very much the same and has been greatly enhanced by those mentioned within this reflection.


Howard, S.G. (2017) Identity Play. Available at: (Accessed: 5 March 2017).


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